china incinerators

An innovative system for medical facilities. It has been designed to eliminate hospital waste (including infectious and

pathological waste) efficiently, and with a minimum of expense. Existing personnel can be instructed on the use of this


The operator opens the primary chamber door, places waste inside and turns on the unit. A timed cycle preset by the

operator begins and the waste is reduced to 5% ASH BY VOLUME.

>Incinerates up to 8 cubic feet (0.22 cubic meters) per load, which is normally 330 1bs (150kg) per (8hour) day.

>Designed by specialists in portable systems

>No on site construction

>Minimal training for operators.

>Built for safe, easy operation with state of-the-art controls.

>Dual chamber combustion and high exhaust temperatures, if required, in excess of 1025oC

>Preset cycle time automatically control insures efficient fuel consumption.

>Thermostatic temperature control insures efficient fuel consumption.


Height: 82” (208 cm) without stack, 100”(254cm) with stack.

Width: 39.5” (99cm) burn chamber, 58”(147cm) at base

Length: 62” (157 cm) overall, 34”(86cm) at base

Weight: 1800 Ibs (approximately 816kg)

Primary Chamber Volume: 105 cu.ft. (.28cu/m)

Suggested Load Volume: 8 cu ft (.22 cu/m) load

Diameter of stack: 12” OD (30 cm)

Power requirement: 220 v, 0.35 KW/hr

Fuel: Diesel

Fuel consumption: 3-5 gallons/hour (10-18 liter/hour)

Location:  level surface 7 feet (2 meters) from nearest saturation