medical incinerator china

The Volume of the combustion chamber at least: 1.200 L


The Dimension of the door for loading in cm at least: 70×70.


The Incinerator Plant is output wastes incineration from Different petrochemical units. In this project we want to

incinerate all output wastes from petrochemical units and also produced high pressure steam from incinerator plant heat


At first output waste from petrochemical collects and transfers to transit and sorting center in various forms. Input

feeds of incinerator plant are shown in below table:


Waste streams of petrochemical unit collect and store in Transit and Sorting Center.

In Transit and Sorting Center one laboratory must be considered.

In this center, waste will be classified in two groups:

–      Unsuitable for burning

–      Suitable for burning

Unsuitable waste for burning can be divided into the 4 categories:

–      Buried materials

–      Materials (wastes) that need to be stabilized before buried

–      Materials (wastes) that can be sold.

–      Wastes that can be returned to petrochemical.

Suitable wastes are classified into the two categories:

–      Input wastes to rotary kiln, consist of solids and waste fluids.

–      Input wastes to static kiln, consist of clean fluids and gasses.