china lab waste incinerators

.Necessary tooling and gauges shall have also to be supplied.


14.Supplier shall have to arrange free training for user staff in operation and maintenance


15.Supplier shall have to provide related drawings/diagrams (civil, mechanical and electrical etc.)electrical load and

electrical circuitry


16.Warranty period shall be 24 months from date of proving test.

We are in the process of building a new hospital waste treatment plant and we are evaluating different technologies

from around the world.  We are looking to incinerate approx. 1 to 2 tons of bio-medical waste per day using LPG for

heating.  Please send me all general information and quotes for machines of all ranges that could meet our needs.

Also, please include emissions reports of all of the various machines that could be of interest to us especially with

regards to  dioxins and furals as well as lists of recommendations from past clients.

medical hospital incinerator

Capacity: 30 Kg.

destruction capacity: 3.000 kcal/kg diesel.

max consume: 2.5 gal per hour.

1 camera:

1 burner capacity: 80.00 kcal

Type: K (Ni-CrNi)

enter size: 500x500mm

ash door: 190 x 250mm

all kind of medical, hospital, veterinary and industrial wastes by Incineration Process.

So, we’re interested with your Incinerator plants, and we’d like to get quotation and key features description of

different capacities of your Incinerator plants, concerning: small models (5 – 25 kg/hr); medium models (25-50 kg/hr)

and big models (50-100 kg/hr) and plus.


2 camera:

1 burner capacity: 80.000 kcal.

Air conbustion: 0.5 HP

Type: K (Ni-CrNi)


  • Total waste produced per day: 10-12 tonnes;


  • Hours of Operation: 10 hours a day;


  • Fuel requirement: Diesel or waste oil preferred but LP gas will be considered;