hospital incinerator manufacturers

The incinerator fuel tank shall meet the following requirements:

  1. a) The tank shall be installed above ground and according to all of the fuel tank requirements in Section 1015

including secondary containment.

  1. b) The tank shall be sized to hold a 14 day supply of diesel fuel


6) Manufacturer has to provide the following capacity calculations and all supporting information for the incinerator:


– The daily waste stream rate (kg/day or lbs/day)

? Minimum incinerator burn rate capacities

–  Minimum cure time for the refractory to prevent cracking to the refractory

? A complete list of the maintenance parts

? A minimum of 500 lbs of refractory for repairs

? A minimum of 1 gallon of hydraulic oil


7) The contractor shall provide 3 pricing options:

Option 1: To Quote only for the Full System

Option 2: to Quote the price of Full System, and also the Installation

Option 3: To provide training to appropriate relevant staff according to the ‘Operations and Maintenance.