incinerators 150 kg per hour

combustion chamber and one

flue gas afterburning chamber. The incinerator must be able to meet the following parameters:


1.Treatment capacity of: a) 50 kg waste per hour.


2.Temperature: Main combustion chamber up to 850°C, and in the second chamber > = 1,100 °C


3.Retention Time: 2 seconds in the second chamber


The furnace (including secondary combustion chambers etc.) dimensions must be large enough to provide for an effective

combination of gas residence time and temperature such that combustion reactions may approach completion and result in

low and stable CO and VOC emissions.


In order to avoid the generation toxic gases, the incinerator must combine the gasification or pyrolysis stage with a

subsequent combustion stage with flue-gas treatment that provides for operational emission levels to air within the

associated emission ranges specified in the standards




2006 of the Republic of Kenya.


Where grates are used, it is preferred that the design incorporates sufficient cooling of the grate such that it

permits the variation of the primary air supply for the main purpose of combustion control, rather than for the cooling

of the grate itself. Documents to be provided by the Bidder in response to this RFP.


 Complete information on how the equipment matches the Technical Specification. Include an additional statement with

a calculation and description of all cost related to the normal running of the plant over a 12 month period.


Full description of the system(s) being proposed.


Lay out drawing with all main equipments, flue gas ductwork and main piping.


Piping and Instrumentation Diagram.


Operation manual in the English language.


Material lists.


Implementation plan and training concept.


Installation and maintenance plan.


Detailed list related to wear and spare part package for 2500 h operation (items which will be included in the

contract). The list should be detailed enough to allow PATH to carry out a cost estimation.


Other information such as process description, brochures, etc. should be only added if the information will be useful

for the technical evaluation of the treatment process.