multiple diesel fuel combustion incinerators

The incinerators to be supplied shall meet the following specifications

  1. ISO certified
  2. Model:   250LA ,multiple diesel fuel combustion chambers
  3. Performance capacity
  • 120Kg/hr GRE 1.25 for HCRW
  • 96Kg/hr GRE 1.25 for general waste.
  • 40Kg/hr GRE 3.00 for plastic
  1. Waste type :   health care risk waste and general waste
  2. Chimney stack:
  • Chimney : 3.5mm mild steel
  • Height from base :11m and if there are buildings within

30m of the incinerator, chimney must extend at least 3m

above the apexes of all the roof of such buildings

  • Diameter of chimney at top :430mm
  • Weight of stack: ±500 Kg
  • Case and stack be painted with 400⁰C heat resistant Black paint
  1. Burners:
  • 1st chamber 850⁰C – 900⁰C
  • 2nd chamber 1000⁰C
  1. Variable speed combustion air blowers
  2. Primary chamber volume ±1.05 cubic metres
  3. Mixing chamber volume ±0.30 cubic metres
  4. Settling chamber volume ±0.89 cubic metres
  5. Weight excluding chimney ±6.400Kg at manufacture
  6. .Firing tools supplied :Hoe ,poker and rake
  7. Dimensions
  • Length                   ±2125mm
  • Width                   ±1890mm
  • Height                   ±2125mm
  • Extra width for burners ± 1000mm
  1. Loading door opening 610 *540mm
  2. Hearth area ±1.19square metres
  3. Description of grate/hearth :A full hearth to be supplied to prevent contaminated
  4. Liquids from flowing into ash pit without being incinerated
  5. Compliance with South African Atmospheric Pollution Prevention Act No.45 of

1965 or equivalent air pollution standards

  1. Documents to be supplied :Operations and maintenance manual and standard

operating procedures (SOPs)

  1. Emission controls:
  • heated refractory screen
  • Low velocity grit settling chamber
  • Stainless steel arrester screen


  1. Refractory material :alumina content> 49% and thickness average 102mm
  2. Bake out : to be done over 2-3 days
  3. Materials of constructions
  • Case :5mm mild steel
  • Bracing: heavy angle and channel
  • Hearth: 1550 ⁰C
  • Ashing door: high grade cast iron
  • Loading door 5mm mild steel lined with 1550 ⁰C castable general purpose high strength, high abrasion resistant monolithic refractory concrete.
  • Incinerator walls and roof: 1550 ⁰C castable monolithic refractory


  1. Temperature: ≥ 90 ⁰C
  2. Insulation to walls: 1000 ⁰C castable insulation
  3. Electricity supply required: 220volt, 15amp single phase
  4. Controls:
  • Draught control: barometer indicator, door operated draught limiter
  • Air supply: built-in forced heated air ducts, primary and secondary (intensifier)
  • Electric: control panel includes-circuit breakers, main switch, timer, pilot lights, 2 set point pyrometer and one set point pyrometer



Summary of Key Expected Activities/Outputs

  • Replacement of pipes from the tank to the incinerator
  • Covering pipes to protect them bursting in winter
  • Replacement of gauge
  • Incinerator installation
  • Installation report
  • End of contract report